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Unlock Your Business With GoBiz!

Get everything your business needs to go digital.


Mobile Virtual Terminal

As a small business owner, enjoy accepting payments anytime, anywhere via your smartphone with no processing fee (with selected packages).


​Physical Payment Terminal

Expand your methods of receiving payments beyond cash via payWave NFC, QR code and from various e-wallets.


Added Revenue Stream

Turn your business into a place for bill payments, mobile and entertainment top ups plus IDD and STD minutes.

Going Digital Made Simple With GoBiz

All the services and solutions you need to go digital, in one complete package.


Point-of-Sale Payment Terminal (EDC)

Start accepting all popular forms of digital payments including credit cards, e-wallets, QR code and NFC.


​eCommerce Payment Gateway Solutions

Let your customers checkout with confidence by creating a secure online payment gateway for your business.


Secure Payment Link (SPL) Solutions

Collect payments from your customers effortlessly. Just send them a payment link via text or social media!


Recurring Transaction Batch Processing

Leave it to us to manage and process the recurring transactions made by your customer.


Value Added Services

Earn additional revenue by providing mobile top-up and bill payment services to your customers.


Fast Approval

It takes only 3 working days for your GoBiz application to be approved!

gobiz pro

Go Pro With


Power up your business with our

best digital payment acceptance solution.


Scale Up With Additional Financing 

Secure the additional funding you need to build the business of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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