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Discover GoOffice

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We Put The Pro in Productivity

Get everything your business needs to work efficiently and effectively in one complete productivity suite.


Here’s What Our Customers Have To Say About GoOffice ​

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Improve Workflow Efficiency 

Learn how GoOffice helped Lemonade Creatives collaborate and meet the tightest of deadlines!

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Communicate and Collaborate Better 

Watch how GoOffice helped Creative IDEE streamline their entire business and reduce expenses!

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Stay Connected, Always 

Find out how GoBiz helped Takizo Solutions safeguard his clients while staying in touch with his family!

Get GoOffice For Your Biz ​

Forget running between multiple vendors just to get your office up and running! Introducing GoOffice, a single package for office software applications and cloud file storage.​

unlimited data

Unlimited High-Speed Data & Calls​

All the calls and high-speed data for your business needs.​

unlimited high-speed

​Up To 20GB Hotspot Data​

Turn the world into your personal workspace.​

unlimited calls all day, every day

All-In-One Office Suite​

Microsoft Office 365 Business offers everything your workforce needs to stay productive - all in one complete package.​

share the hotspot

1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage​

Store, share, and access files anytime, anywhere.​

additional revenue stream

Applicable on up to 15 devices​

Get work done on your desktop PC, notebook, tablet, or even your smartphone.

Sign up for GoOffice now at only RM218/month

Get a Microsoft Office 365 Business license plus UNLIMITED Data and Voice in one affordable business package.​


✓   Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access (PC only)

*Available on up to 15 devices


✓   1TB Cloud Storage​

1x Principal Line

✓  Principal SIM Card

✓  Unlimited Voice 

✓  Unlimited High-Speed Data

✓  4GB Roam-Onz* data 

✓  20GB Hotspot 

✓  Unlimited Waze 

2x Supplementary Line


✓  Supplementary SIM Card ​

✓  Unlimited Voice ​

✓  6GB High-Speed Data ​

✓  500MB Roam-Onz* data ​

✓  Unlimited Waze ​

*Roam-Onz available in 12 destinations.​

Upgrade your GoOffice package​

Enjoy greater connectivity and productivity with these GoOffice add-ons!​


*Roam-Onz available in 12 destinations.​


*Roam-Onz available in 12 destinations.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered here.​

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Go Pro With


Power up your business with our

best digital payment acceptance solution.


Scale Up With Additional Financing 

Secure the additional funding you need to build the business of your dreams.

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